Snow Removal and Salting

Snow Shovelling.jpg

We can provide a variety of options to keep your lots or homes clear of snow and ice in the winter months. Either as a one time project or based on a monthly/seasonal/year round contract.

When do we go out?

In this line of work we must be glued to the weather reports. We only go out when necessary - this means whenever there is potential for ice or snow build ups. This is usually the case after a rainy day and the temperature drops to freezing levels. On smaller snow falls just salting will remove snow and ice. You can even pre-select acceptable snow depths to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

What type of equipment do we use?

Our electric spreaders are whisper quiet for disturbance free operation in residential areas or late night operation when retail lots are empty and best to work on. We have snow blowers for heavy snow days and all types of shovels which will clean up snow from any terrain.

What type of salt do we use?

For the most part we use top of the line Ice Melt products and you have the option to chose between regular ice melt and pet & plant friendly mixes. If you spend a lot of time on your garden then latter option would the ideal product or you - once the snow or ice melts, the running water mixed with the ice melt can be very harmful to plants. This is why we offer these choices so you can be worry free!