Pressure Washing

Pressure washing.jpeg

We provide professional pressure washing services for the lower mainland for residential and commercial properties. We’ve been in the pressure washing industry for many years and have heard and answered every question out there. Here are a few of the most common ones:

What equipment do you use?

We started this company with a truck and a small pressure washer we found on craigslist. Now we have over 5 industrial washers that can tackle any job presented to us. We have invested a lot into our equipment and we are very proud of our inventory. Not only do we have the best Honda pressure washers but we also carry surface cleaners of all sizes to properly clean any ground surface. We also have professional extension wands we call “Girafes” that allow us to efficiently and safely clean second or third story buildings.

What can you pressure wash?

We can wash basically anything for you but bare in mind that there is always a delicate balance between pressure and chemicals. IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT PRESSURE. The use a of variable speed wand is of great importance to avoid damage. There are chemicals to remove almost any stain or clean any type of surface that you would ever want to clean, you just have to know which ones to use, know how to use the type of equipment you have with the chemical that is being used, the type surface the stain is on, and correct brush to use if needed.

Do you provide soft-pressure washing services?

Of course we do! Actually, most of our residential washing consists of soft-washing - We wouldn’t wash your siding or your roof in any other way. Like mentioned above, most of the washing is done by the proper chemicals being applied to each circumstance and our versatile pressure washers allow us to change pressure depending on the type of work we are doing!

Do your employees know what they are doing?

All of our employees are fully trained in a “school” style program. This means we not only teach our staff the “hands-on” techniques but also, the core principles, the theories behind pressure application and procedures. We are very proud of our work and every one of our staff members get compensated for providing a 5 star service.